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Feu de garde

Released on May 10, 2024

Feu de garde is not about devastation. Carefully tended by the bibis, the flames bring light, comfort, life. The embers transmit energy, and their warmth protects us against frostbite as a harsh winter finally comes to an end. Deep in the forest, near a river or beneath the 40 overpass, communal power unfolds in all of its vastness, then bursts into thousands of tiny sparks, into melodies as festive as they are insightful. Dizzying spells, mysteries and transformations make up the mesmerizing journey that is Feu de garde, which reaches out to those they have met along the way and to the road itself, however dangerous. The duo formed by Adèle Trottier-Rivard and Nicolas Basque explore emotional and physical territories, overcoming obstacles with intense, raw yet benevolent radicalism. A former member of the very first exclusively female scout group, les Guides, Adèle reconnects with the values that made her who she is: courage, perseverance, sisterhood, friendship. The years she spent in that community, discovering nature and developing intense relationships, became part of her identity and informed her writing, all the way to the creation of Feu de garde. The influence of Moondog, Stereolab, and, more than ever, Suicide can be heard in the direct, singular approach of the album, which also features group chants inspired by Girl Guide outings in the woods.  

Harsh things become magical as the duo transforms them into lyrics. The concrete dust that fills the city air turns into bright sparks that rekindle childhood glee. Pushing back the boundaries of genres and letting their creativity run free, Bibi Club fill Feu de garde with relentless rhythms. On stage Adèle grabs percussion instruments and takes risks. Liberated, seductive, undeniable. In the crowd bodies are moving, floating, dancing the night away. 

With the release of Feu de garde, joy outweighs sorrow.