Released on April 20, 2022

Secret City Records is thrilled to announce that Bibi Club is joining its dear family of artists. To celebrate this new collaboration, the Montreal duo formed by Adèle Trottier-Rivard and Nicolas Basque shares a brand new song today, entitled “Femme-Lady.” To convey a feeling of female empowerment, Adèle asked her sister, Joséphine Trottier-Rivard, and her mother, Marie-Christine Trottier, to perform the vocal harmonies with her. The title comes from a pineapple-shaped chandelier that Adèle’s mom gave to Joséphine, which they renamed Femme-Lady. It’s about laughing together and rushing into the light without looking back. 

The duo will perform in Paris during the Inrocks Superclub at La Boule Noire on May 3. 

“The bones of this song were created during an improv night organized in Montreal by Nico and Erika Angell, the night before venues closed down at the start of the pandemic. That evening felt out of time, one last event between friends, saying goodbye without knowing when we would meet again. Nico called the night, ‘Hope.’ In the studio, Adèle and Nico worked on the song while keeping in mind its groovy, propulsive vibe, almost krautrock, but increasing the tension by adding synth drones between the chords, like in the music of Alice Coltrane. The song is about the need to take care of each other, to share honest magic, to cherish the light and the nature surrounding us, even on dark days.” – BiBi Club 

Building on their experience as members of various bands, Adèle Trottier-Rivard and Nicolas Basque formed a duo in 2016, adopting the name Bibi Club. Since the get-go, the band has embraced minimalism, not so much in their aesthetic choices, as in a desire to avoid transforming sounds too much, preferring to focus on raw musical power. Their 2019 debut EP showcased radical sonic exploration. Across four bold tracks, Adèle and Nicolas immediately established a musical language rooted in authenticity and individuality. 

Bibi Club has been attempting to push back space-time boundaries in their music ever since. Their sound is unique on the Montreal scene, borrowing from 70s post-punk New York bands (e.g. Arthur Russell, Talking Heads, Suicide), the West Coast spiritual jazz of Alice Coltrane, as well as the current experimental pop scene in England (e.g. Tirzah, Dean Blunt). Bibi Club’s compositions can be described as electro-pop rock focusing on vocals, guitars, synths and drum machines. The influence of radical movements is undeniable, but at its core, the band conveys a cozy, cheerful feeling, in the spirit of their famous “living-room party music.”