Bibi Club unveil “Shloshlo” a single celebrating female empowerment

Bibi Club, the duo consisting of Adèle Trottier-Rivard and Nicolas Basque, unveils the feminist ode “Shloshlo,” a final single before the release of the album Feu de garde this Friday on vinyl and CD format via Secret City Records. Preorder it now. The tour continues in France, including the record launch concert at Pop Up in Paris on June 6. Back in Quebec, their Montreal homecoming concert will be on November 21 at Théâtre Fairmount as part of M for Montreal. Buy your tickets here 

The new album is already creating a lot of buzz! MOJO gave a ★★★★ rating to the new opus, while Les Inrocks praised it: “[…] this crystalline record is already among our favourites of 2024.” Adèle and Nic started the year by opening for Blonde Redhead in the United States, captivating audiences at every concert, and by recording sessions as part of the shows “Bikini” on Radio Eins (Germany) and “Côté Club” on France Inter. Bibi Club also appeared on RTS’s “Le grand soir” (Switzerland) and was mentioned in The Line of Best Fit (UK). Exclaim!, Billboard Canada (“Fresh Sound”) and Le Canal Auditif have offered support to Bibi Club’s sophomore effort as well. 

The new song tackles female empowerment, parenthood and the anxiety of being a parent, self-improvement, the strength we gain from children, and determination. Adèle and Nico were inspired by Castelblast’s “Nos Corps,” an immersive dance show they saw in Montreal, which was inspired by an event that occurred in 1518 in Strasbourg. During an acute famine, a desperate woman threw her child in the river and started dancing. The whole village danced with her until death. The music video shows Adèle with her son Noé on her back, brilliantly conveying the feminine power theme of the song.