Bibi Club unveils “Le feu” a brand-new song and video

Nominated in the “Revelation of the Year” category at the Gala de l’ADISQ this year, the duo Bibi Club share a brand-new song and video today, titled “Le feu,” available now on all digital platforms. Offering a preview of the next album to be released in 2024, the song is about strong friendship and emancipation. The band will perform in Quebec with Yocto at Le Pantoum on November 11 and have their Montreal homecoming show on November 30 at Sala Rossa – but first they will open for Blonde Redhead in Toronto and Montreal on November 2 and 3.  

”’Le feu’ is a song about friendship and emancipation,” says Bibi Club. “Goodwill between friends that leads us to go beyond our limits, to take risks because we feel supported and understood. The song is inspired by Adèle’s years as a Girl Scout, spending time in the woods, experiencing various feelings and struggles as part of a community. It instilled a sense of strength of body and mind in her that remains in her adult relationships. Our friends Camille Delean, Carmel Scurti-Belley and Helena Deland came to the studio to sing with us. We’re stronger as a group, always there for one another.” 

The music video was once again directed by their collaborator Léa Taillefer. “The video for ‘Le feu’ takes the shape of visual poetry. It was shot on Super 8 during a trip to Great Barrier Island, in New Zealand (Aotearoa), shortly before the New Year, nearly a year ago. These nostalgic images reflect precious memories shared with friends. 

The video explores themes of friendship and freedom, in harmony with the stunning landscapes of the island and the tumultuous elements of nature. The bad weather can be interpreted as a metaphor of the challenges raised by a quest for emancipation. This creation featuring my personal archival footage aims to move the viewers thanks to its emotional depth.” 

Watch the official music video.