The duo Bibi Club signs with Secret City and unveils “Femme-Lady”, a brand-new song and video

We are thrilled to announce that Bibi Club is joining our dear family of artists. To celebrate this new collaboration, the Montreal duo formed by Adèle Trottier-Rivard and Nicolas Basque shares a brand new song today, entitled “Femme-Lady.” To convey a feeling of female empowerment, Adèle asked her sister, Joséphine Trottier-Rivard, and her mother, Marie-Christine Trottier, to perform the vocal harmonies with her. The title comes from a pineapple-shaped chandelier that Adèle’s mom gave to Joséphine, which they renamed Femme-Lady. It’s about laughing together and rushing into the light without looking back.

Directed by Léa Taillefer, the music video for the song shows the band and the Trottier-Rivard women against a backdrop of footage shot in Tahiti. Both the song and the video convey warm, bright, sunny days.

Click here to listen to “Femme-Lady.”
Watch the video for “Femme-Lady” below.