Rosie Valland unveils a music video for her song “La Plage”

This morning singer-songwriter Rosie Valland unveils the new music video for “La Plage,” off her latest album BLUE. “The video is a short film inspired by the ‘found footage’ genre. It tells the story of two strangers who are connected visually, as the fantasy world of ‘La Plage’ inspires the one who is stuck in the present,” explains director Julie Roy. 

Valland shares the creative process of the song, which she coproduced with her accomplice Jesse Mac Cormack. “By completely redoing the lead guitar, Jesse came up with this riff that reminds of Celine Dion’s ‘D’eux’ or ‘S’il suffisait d’aimer.’ So we used that reference to colour the subsequent arrangements.”

Click here to listen to the album BLUE.
Watch the music video for “La Plage” below.