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Released on October 28, 2022

Singer-songwriter Rosie Valland crafts melodic alternative pop you can dance to. She studied music at l’École internationale de la chanson de Granby in 2011–2012, before releasing a self-titled EP in 2014. Her first full-length album, Partir avant, made a powerful impression on the emerging music scene in 2015. She then released two EPs (Nord-Est, Syncho) that each won the Best Pop EP award at the GAMIQ. Released mere days before the planet went into lockdown in 2020, the album BLUE was critically acclaimed—“A solid album of profound, catchy, sophisticated pop. Flawless.” (ICI Musique). Rosie later released the BLEU EP, which features spared down piano/voice covers of songs from BLUE.

After spending a few years working on the creative endeavours of others (album production, songwriting, arrangements, script-editing of songs, podcasting), Rosie released her third LP Emmanuelle . Her songwriting has grown more mature, more grounded. She leaves behind improvisation and first takes, working in sequences instead. The result is unapologetic pop that is more intricate, more methodical, but also more heartfelt. Like Clara Luciani, Angèle or Christine and the Queens, her music focuses on the quality of the vocals. While she wanted to play every instrument imaginable when she was younger, Rosie now wants to showcase her greatest instrument: her voice.

Emmanuelle is out now.