Alexandra Stréliski offers an immersive 3D journey with the video for “Burnout Fugue”

Alexandra Stréliski unveils an immersive 3D video for “Burnout Fugue,” a track off her latest album, INSCAPE, which is certified platinum in Canada. For director Marcella Grimaux, creating the video was a major undertaking that took up more than six months. Marcella shares her creative process: “Burnout Fugue” begins in a dark hallway, with other passageways, other worlds in the distance. This journey inspired by Alexandra’s music is a metaphor for the maze that is our conscience, our emotions, our memories.

Alexandra adds: The “Burnout Fugue” video is an essay on confinement. A graphic journey inspired by the internal architecture of a piano, which also symbolically evokes introspection, the need to come out of your shell, to rebel, and to reach for the light during moments of inner darkness.

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