Alexandra Stréliski unveils the song “Umbra” as part of Néo-Romance (Extended Version)

With just a few days to go until the Gala de l’ADISQ, where she will be performing, Alexandra Stréliski unveils the song “Umbra,” now available on all digital platforms. This new offering is part of the digital album Néo-Romance (Extended Version), which is also available today. It includes two new titles from the pianist: “Prelude in Lodz” as well as “Umbra.”  

Alexandra’s audience is already familiar with this almost five-minute-long song, with which she wraps up her concert. “’Umbra’ is one of the songs that I enjoy playing the most live. It started out as the solo piano finale of my show, then it gradually turned into a collective trip, based on improvisation,” says Stréliski. “I’m having so much fun playing it with my musicians Natalia and Julia Kotarba, and with Maxime Navert, who has been my ally for over 15 years, on synths.” 

“The word ‘Umbra’ refers to the darkest part of a shadow, but this song was created to try to bring light into it!” concludes Alexandra.