Rosie Valland shares the first 5 episodes of “Réflexions”, her new podcast

In the past month singer-songwriter Rosie Valland has shared the first five episodes of her podcast “Réflexions,” which is reaching many listeners. Indeed the podcast is a great success, with several hundred downloads in less than a month. In each episode, inspiring personalities confide in Rosie Valland about their troubled or solid relationship with their body, their appearance, their image. Through these short, intimate discussions, the singer-songwriter attempts to better understand the complex, diversified relationships we can have with our own reflection.

Episode #1: Safia Nolin
Episode #2: Leïla Donabelle-Kazé
Episode #3: Léa Clermont-Dion
Episode #4: Simon Boulerice
Episode #5: Ariane Moffatt

This project is inspired by her piano/voice mini-album BLEU, available now. Stark, minimalist, and putting Rosie’s gorgeous voice up front, the new versions of her songs instantly win over our hearts. Raw emotion resonates throughout the six tracks.

Listen to the first five episodes of the “Réflexions” podcast by clicking here.
Listen to the BLEU EP by clicking here.