Rosie Valland unveils a piano-voice version of “Forçons les tiges”

Singer-songwriter Rosie Valland unveils a piano/voice version of her song Forçons les tiges, off the BLEU EP—a piano/voice mini-album. The digital version of BLEU will be available this Friday, November 13. Stark, minimalist, and putting Rosie’s gorgeous voice up front, the new versions of her songs instantly win over our hearts. Raw emotion resonates throughout the six tracks.

Rosie has also unveiled the first two episodes of her “Réflexions” podcast, inspired by her EP BLEU. Her first conversations are with Safia Nolin, then Leïla Donabelle Kaze. In the first episode, Safia Nolin opens up about the evolution of her relationship with her body and her image, which have often been criticized. In the second episode, Rosie asks herself, what is the importance of seeing yourself in the public space for self-construction? Leïla Donabelle Kaze tackles the highs and lows of her relationship with her work tool as an actress, her body.

Listen to the piano/voice version of  “Forçons les tiges” by clicking here.
Preorder the EP BLEU by clicking here.
Listen to the first two episodes of the “Réflexions” podcast by clicking here.