Rosie Valland unveils “BLEU”, a piano/voice EP out November 13

Rosie Valland is thrilled to announce BLEU — a piano/voice mini-album where she covers some of her own songs from her most recent album, BLUE. The EP BLEU will be available in digital version on November 13. Stark, minimalist, and putting Rosie’s gorgeous voice up front, the new versions of her songs instantly win over our hearts. Raw emotion resonates throughout the six tracks.

Two tracks off the new EP are already available: the song Loin”, as well as a new documentary track entitled Réflexions (sur le corps)”.

Rosie Valland also unveils a podcast project inspired by the documentary track “Réflexion (sur le corps)”, which will accompany the “BLEU” EP. The podcast will be available in November. More details will be shared soon.

Listen to “Loin” and “Réflexion (sur le corps)” by clicking here.

Preorder the BLEU EP by clicking here.

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