Braids is releasing the song “Here 4 U”

Braids is releasing the official video for the opening track “Here 4 U”. They share the inspiration behind the song : “’Here 4 U’ is an oldie in our books. The original demo dates back four or five years, written while Austin and I spent a few months snowbirding in Los Angeles. It was one of the first songs we wrote for “Shadow Offering”, but the last we finished. We nearly lost this one on the cutting room floor, but in finding the album’s identity in the final weeks of mixing, so too did this song. In a way, it encapsulates the process of making this record – bursts of excitement and exploration, stretches of self-doubt, long days, long months, and the blissful self-discovery of finding our voice for this album. 

They will also be hosting a listening party on YouTube and will be chatting live with fans as they listen to the record in its entirety at 1PM ET today, Monday June 22.

Join the listening party on YouTube at 1PM ET by clicking here.

Listen and buy Shadow Offering by clicking here.

Watch the video for “Here 4 U” below.