Hold/Still Remixes

Released on May 19, 2017
1.Instrument (Redshape Remix)
2.UN-NO (Marvin & Guy Brown Eyes Remix)
3.Brainwash (Lee Gamble Reconstruction)
4.Translate (Dark Sky ‘Psych’ Remix)
5.Paralyzer (VRIL Remix)
6.UN-NO (Marvin & Guy Blue Eyes Remix)
7.Translate (Dark Sky ‘Pressure’ Remix)
8.UN-NO (Marvin & Guy Black Eyes Remix)
9.Infinity (Beatrice Dillon Remix)


Almost a year to the day from the release of Suuns most-far reaching and creative record Hold/Still comes an album of remixes. Spanning an incredibly diverse range of artists and sounds, each one of these remixes takes the original track and twists and turns it into some very unique. The source material leant itself perfectly to a remix project – these are songs that are complex, layered, experimental. The remixes vary from the dancefloor fillers from the likes of Redshape or Marvin & Guy through to the ambience of Lee Gamble and Beatrice Dillon and the techno of VRIL, and shows Suuns as one of the most forward thinking and fertile bands around. Time to go and get lost. Comes as a double, red limited vinyl.