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Are You in Love?

Released on March 27, 2020

Somewhere in the middle of making her new album, Are You in Love?, Basia Bulat took almost a whole year off. Because she had fallen in love, because her father died, because she had lost her sense of beauty and where it might be hidden. I want to make a really beautiful record about compassion, she had written to Jim James, the My Morning Jacket frontman, who had also produced 2016’s Good Advice. And the Mojave Desert had seemed perfect: the site for a quest. Inspired by singer-songwriters like Minnie Ripperton, Dolly Parton and Silvio Rodriguez, Bulat imagined a record full of sun-ups and sunsets – its lyrics so naked she was almost afraid to write them down.

In the end, some of the words came easy—like the title track, or the Instagram-uncanny “Hall of Mirrors.” But the essence of others was much more difficult to express, tangled up in desire and reinvention. Bulat pushed herself to be more vulnerable, testing new kinds of collaboration: Are You in Love? includes lyrics written with a friend, U.S. Girls‘ Meg Remy, and everything from melting keyboard parts to desert field recordings by multi-instrumentalist Andrew Woods, whom Bulat married last summer.

Still, the record wasn’t finished when Bulat left the desert, coming home to Montreal. “[I found] I was struggling between keeping it together and letting go,” Bulat explains. It would be nine more months before she was ready again to listen to her own voice—a process of grief, but also forgiveness and love. The result is a startling + gorgeous desert record, a singer who refuses to hide. “No Control” flashes like a girl-group’s stare, while “Your Girl” has Bulat cruising down the highway, doing her best Christine McVie. The album’s gradually thunderous closing tune, “Love Is At The End of the World,” is a blazing ever-after—and maybe the most thrilling thing Bulat has ever made.

Are You in Love? was released March 27, 2020 on Secret City Records