Emilie Kahn unveils ‘Maybe’ and shares second single ‘Parallel’

Today Emilie Kahn unveils “Maybe“, her third album that will be available in digital format on October 20. The official announcement follows the buzz created by the song “Search History,” which dropped last month and now has over 8 million views on creation featuring it on TikTok. Emilie Kahn’s new album is a collection of shimmering, lovesick pop music, dispatched from the space between yes and no. Over 14 tracks, the Montreal musician oscillates from sunburned hopelessness to a quickening confidence, sharing vivid stories from the life + times of a singer with a five-foot harp and a heart full of desire.

Kahn is also sharing a second single off the new album today — “Parallel” — as well as the accompanying video. “I had just met someone with whom I felt a deep connection, and I envisioned a multiverse where there could be different versions of us living in better worlds. I wondered if we were caught in the wrong timeline,” she explains about the genesis of this track.

Watch the official music video for “Parallel” below.