Search History

Released on August 16, 2023
1.Search History
2.Search History (Sped up)

Emilie Kahn is thrilled to share a brand-new song and video titled “Search History.” This is Emilie’s first new material since the release of “Gemini. Fans on socials will be excited to finally hear this recording in full, since the audio was teased on platforms earlier this summer.  A whopping 4.5 million views on creation featuring the “Search History snippet has been counted on TikTok and it keeps on climbing. Stay tuned next Tuesday as well – Emilie will be sharing the official sped up version of this track across all digital streaming platforms! 

Co-produced by Emilie herself and Jean-Philippe Levac (Pandaléon, Rosie Valland), she shares the inspiration behind the song: “I wrote this song when I was obsessively stalking a crush online. It acknowledges how unhealthy that is and how embarrassing it would be if the person in question knew I was acting that way, but somehow not being able to stop the compulsion and loving the feeling of longing for them. This was one of the first songs we worked on together and definitely one of the most fun to make. JP created this really fun beat and I did lots of layers of harp, synths and even played some bass.”