Shad shares “Work”, another brand-new track and video premiering via Complex today

Shad is at it again and unveils today a surprising punchy track and its video titled Work”, premiered by Complex. 

Shad tells us: Like ‘Out of Touch’, “Work” was another song written pre-pandemic that is (sadly) even more timely now. I knew I wanted to write a song specifically about two aspects of work: One, the way so many of our jobs are disconnected from a sense of meaning and purpose, and from the people and places they impact. And two, just the increasing precarity and scarcity of work. Also as with ‘Out of Touch”, I wanted the song to hold both the irony/humour and heaviness of our situation. 

Produced by and featuring Skratch Bastid, this track was built on a blistering sample from art-rockers We Are The City and mixes old and new influences, taking Shad’s flexible flows into exciting new territory.

Listen to the song “Work” by clicking here.
Watch the video below.