Shad releases brand-new track and video “Black Averageness”

Shad releases one last track and video before “TAO” album release this Friday: “Black Averageness“.

“’Black Averageness’ is a just fun celebration of our beautifully imperfect selves in a society that still struggles to see our humanity. As vital as it is to elevate Black Excellence and to address the harsh realities that we disproportionately experience, I think it’s also helpful to affirm our inherent dignity as ordinary human beings and to create more space for us to enjoy life with all its inevitable ups and downs, successes and failures. As usual, I think I say it best in the music: “I’m a man—why would I want to be a GOAT? I just want to see us cope. We’re either stars or we’re broke… I’m like nope: I have every right to be like a B or a C with a durag on while I ski.” – Shad

Click here to listen to “Black Averageness”.