Jesse Mac Cormack releases new track “After The Glow”

Today Montreal’s Jesse Mac Cormack unveils a new track, “After the Glow”, and premieres the video for the song with Les Inrocks in France.

Of the video, director Frédérique Bérubé, who has also directed videos for Suuns and Technical Kidman, says: “Aiming to film this in one take, Jesse had to reimagine the song at slower and faster tempos. The footage was projected on a wall and filmed again at different angles. It moves us through a corrupt reality; temporal alteration and loss of light resulting.”

Mac Cormack’s new single “After the Glow” combines the softness of his first EP, Music for the soul, with the pronounced rock of his follow-up EP, CRUSH, infusing it with his growing expertise as a sound technician and musician. Since he first began recording and producing his own music with nothing but a guitar and an amp, Mac Cormack is now working with tape machines, pedals, synths; a combination of quality sound gear and vintage instruments and equipment. “I’m a big fan of Tape Echoes and vintage synths, guitar and bass.” His new single “After the Glow” is textured, layered, and sewn in new soil by familiar hands.

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