Jesse Mac Cormack kicks off the year with new down-tempo, soaring track “Hold Him”

As the new year begins, singer-songwriter and producer Jesse Mac Cormack offers us a brand new single, ‘Hold Him‘, featuring contributions from long-time collaborator Gabrielle Shonk. This new track follows the announcement of a mini-tour of Quebec in March.  

Mac Cormack shares the inspiration behind this new song, an exploration of the links with childhood wounds. “Hold Him” is a downtempo track that beautifully balances darkness and hope. The song touches on the profound theme of openness in relationships, even when it’s intimidating, exploring the complex link between adult relationships and childhood wounds. It conveys the intensity and power of love, and the importance of nurturing your inner child, ultimately delivering a powerful message of acceptance and self-love” – he explains.  

André Rainville created the playful video that accompanies the song; a man wandering around the Montreal metro wearing a construction cone.