Heartland (Deluxe Edition)

Released on April 1, 2014
1.Midnight Directives
2.Keep the Dog Quiet
3.Mount Alpentine
4.Red Sun No. 5
5.Lewis Takes Action
6.The Great Elsewhere
7.Oh Heartland, Up Yours!
8.Lewis Takes Off His Shirt
9.Flare Gun
10.E Is for Estranged
11.Tryst With Mephistopheles
12.What Do You Think Will Happen Now ?
13.A Watery Day
14.---> (Export 1)
15.Midnight Directives (Export 2)
16.The Great Elsewhere (feat. Shara Worden)
17.Tilda's Eyes
18.Tryst With Mephistopheles (Export 5)
19.Song For Little Jan
20.Owen's Voice
21.Red Wine And You Look Extra Nice Tonight, Jim

Deluxe re-issue of Owen Pallett’s 2010 album Heartland. The third album by Owen Pallett, is a panoramic and orchestral work; a song cycle of Contemporary Fiction.

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