Unessential Oils announces self-titled debut album

Unessential Oils, the new project from Warren Spicer (singer-songwriter of Plants and Animals, award-winning producer) announces self-titled debut album available May 31st via Secret City Records. Inspired by jazz, folk, Brazilian Tropicalía and more, the album was co-produced by Christophe Lamarche-Ledoux (Chocolat, Organ Mood) and features bassist Mishka Stein (Patrick Watson, Teke Teke), drummer Tommy Crane (Aaron Parks, Martha Wainwright) and percussionist Martin Dicham (Sade, Talk Talk, Mark Hollis, Tina Turner). Unesssential Oils also shares today “Chameleon,” a brand new song and visualizer, exploring the constant coexistence of desiring connection and needing freedom. The new offering follows the first track released earlier this month; “Distrust the Magician” “a groove-driven six-minute jam” (Exclaim!).

““Chameleon“ is also a contemplation on the mischievous joy we get when hiding in plain sight,” Spicer explains. “The metaphor of “hiding like chameleons” is the chance to disappear into the forest with a lover, unseen and invisible to the rest of the “real” world. The song has the feeling of a Rene Magritte painting, inspired by long hours of listening to Jorge Ben and JJ Cale.” The song features backup vocals from Ariel Engle (La Force), Adèle Trottier Rivard (Bibi Club), as well as Sergio D’Isanto and Loic Catalaund (Bye Parula) and is accompanied by an animated loop video starring Spicer and directed by Gabriel Rolim (Sessa, Tim Bernardes.) 

“The feeling is very personal; I’m looking you straight in the eyes. I read somewhere that if you lock eyes with someone for four minutes straight, you will both leave feeling connected and empathetic towards each other. That’s the vibe,” tells us Warren about his solo debut. Unessential Oils’ is the search for something authentic. Bits and pieces of Warren Spicer’s life’s traumas and weaknesses, successes and breakthroughs, moments of clarity and enlightenment mixed with the mundane and menial. The weight of grief and anger imposed on the joy and ecstatic freedom of new life. 

Spicer is also a seasoned record producer, who has been awarded at the Gala de l’ADISQ. He has notably produced albums with Plants and Animals, La Force, Comment debord, Chocolat, Ludovic Alarie, and Emilie Kahn, to name a few. Unessential Oils opened for Alabaster DePlume and Bye Parula last fall.