Unessential Oils unveils “Nic at the Museum” a song inspired by his Plants and Animals bandmate

Today Unessential Oils, the new project from Warren Spicer (singer-songwriter of Plants and Animals, award-winning producer) shares the  new single “Nic at the Museum,” which is inspired by his Plants and Animals bandmate Nic Basque. This song will appear on his self-titled debut album, to be released May 31 in vinyl format. Preorder it now. Spicer will perform at Club TD as part of the Festival international de Jazz de Montréal on June 27.

“Nic at the Museum” is a tribute to Nic Basque who, while on tour with Plants and Animals, always made it a priority to get up early and visit local museums. Warren explains the writing process of the song: “I can remember working on this song and realizing that I was writing a song about him, and accepting that it was simply about him going to museums and looking at art. Strange idea. However, with the performance of the band and singers the song took on a transcendental quality. All of a sudden, I was no longer sure what the song was about, all I understood was the feeling that it was giving me.” Basque’s silhouette can be seen in the video that accompanies this new single.