Unessential Oils unveils the song “Distrust the Magician”

Today Unessential Oils shares his first single entitled “Distrust the Magician,” available on every streaming platform. The new project from Warren Spicer (singer-songwriter of the band Plants and Animals and award-winning producer) will release a full album in the spring 2024. His debut offering immerses the listener in a mystical musical world, and is accompanied by a fascinating visualizer directed by Gabriel Rolim (Sessa, Tim Bernardes.)  

Warren explains the creative process: “‘Distrust the Magician’ examines the conflicting desire to believe in magic and to remain skeptical of the impossible. A meditation on the desire to be fooled and the need to remain in control.” 

  The concept stems from an encounter with a highly skilled magician in a bar in Paris who was doing unimaginable tricks. “Cards were appearing all over the bar and then disappearing in a storm of deception. The look of mischievous satisfaction in this man’s eyes left me very unsettled. He’s the magician in the song. But he transforms by the end of the song to embody someone who has lied to me and hurt me irreparably. My only defense in his presence is to chant, ‘I am above you now!’ It’s an affirmation, my way of seeing through the trick and knowing in my heart what is real,” he concludes.