Gus Englehorn releases new album “Dungeon Master”

Montreal’s singer-songwriter Gus Englehorn releases his sophomore album Dungeon Master.

Earlier this week, Gus shared the final sneak peek from the project with the deceptively saccharine “Run Rabbit Run.” First premiered via Under the Radar, the catchy, quick-witted lyrics have a darker, sobering meaning than they first let on. Gus explains, “This one is another story I dreamt up about someone who gets arrested on one of those boardwalks on the east coast, like New Jersey’s Wildwoods. Down at the police station, the man is beaten by the cops and begins to dream he is the police dog chasing a rabbit in the countryside. So, this one is about police brutality, I suppose.”

His album-launch concerts will take place on May 6 & 7 in Quebec City (Le Scanner) and Montreal (L’Esco) and June 23 in Toronto (G Baby).

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Watch the video for “Run Rabbit Run” below.