The Barr Brothers unveil “Red Moth Solar Companion”

The Barr Brothers are unveiling “Red Moth Solar Companion, a two-track release available now on all platforms. The songs, two b-sides from the critically acclaimed Queens of the Breakers, were written and recorded by Brad Barr, Andrew Barr and Sarah Pagé.

Brad Barr shares his take on the two new releases : 

“Red Moth Solar Companion” is a live, instrumental, off-the-floor improvisation that musically describes a patient journey through the heart of a star. 

“Saint Cecilia” has hints of Blonde On Blonde, it’s the pantomime of an experienced but misguided wayfarer who is fixated on the promise of redemption through Saint Cecilia, the patroness of musicians.

Listen to the new b-sides by clicking here.

Watch the video directed by Brad Barr for “Red Moth Solar Companion” below.