Leif Vollebekk reveals “Transatlantic Flight”

Transatlantic Flight”, off of Leif Vollebekk’s upcoming album New Ways, found inspiration in a host of places – from sticky Rihanna choruses, the dark sizzle of Leonard Cohen, the visual mastery of Richard Linklater (he drops a couple references in the opening verse of the song).

Says Leif, about “Transatlantic Flight”:

The video is just one long take with the exception of one cut. I asked to have it like because  I always liked how in [Richard Linklater’s] Before Sunrise the takes are so long that your eyes have a chance to wander around and start seeing subtle things. You get lost in the moment. He lets time itself become a character in his films.

In the last sequence, while we were by the water, when I opened my eyes, I suddenly saw a pack of dogs with these neon collars, like the kind you’d see at a rave or dance party. It was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen – to see these neon-collared dogs with this epic sea as a backdrop, in the distance running towards me.  Their owner, she was calling to them to come back but they were headed straight for me. I laughed so hard. She was so kind and yelled to me “I’m so sorry I hope they didn’t ruin your video!” We just left the whole thing in. 

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