Moody Motorcycle

Released on August 19, 2008
1.The Sound
2.All Day
3.Get Lost
4.What World
5.Sleep Talking
6.Moody Motorcycle
7.My Beach
8.Ode to Abner
9.Pretty Hair
10.Vision Failing
11.Duties of a Lighthouse Keeper
12.I Wish I Knew

Moody Motorcycle is a collection of songs by Human Highway, the new collaboration between two of Canada’s most-loved troubadours: Jim Guthrie and Nick Thorburn. Fittingly, Human Highway began on the road. “For me, Human Highway started in a hotel room on a U.S. tour with Islands,” Guthrie says. “Nick had this rad song called ‘My Beach’ and asked me if I wanted to help him record it. He played and sang at the same time and let me be for a bit to do harmonies.” Over a year later Thorburn spent a week with Guthrie in his Toronto apartment in 2007, and Moody Motorcycle was the resulting love-child.