Waltzed In From The Rumbling streaming now on Stereogum and CBC Music

You can stream Plants and Animals’ new album « Waltzed In From the Rumbling » now on Stereogum and on CBC Music in Canada, one week ahead of the release date!

Matthew Woodley had this to say about the band’s new album:

« We toured the life out of our material, our manager left the business to work for the Prime Minister of Canada, our record contract was up, and nobody was expecting anything of us anytime soon—including ourselves. So we went to the studio every couple of months for these four-or-five day recording blitzes, just the three of us, and tried whatever anyone wanted to try. This stretched out over three years or so. We didn’t tour, we had kids, we lost people we loved, we got deep into happiness and sadness and that great place where the two don’t even think about living without each other. We built songs from the music up and messed around with them until we felt like they were right. We reset. »

Waltzed In From The Rumbling is out on April 29th, 2016 on Secret City Records. You can pre-order it now from our store or from iTunes