« In Conflict » d’Owen Pallett est disponible partout!

Le nouvel album d’Owen Pallett, In Conflict, est enfin disponible partout dès aujourd’hui en CD, vinyle, vinyle deluxe et en version digitale.

Les critiques sont élogieuses, lisez par vous-même:

“In Conflict is a fantastic argument for Pallett’s virtues as a pure pop singer. 8/10”Pitchfork

“’In Conflict’ is a beautiful and powerful album” *****Time Out London

“The swooping strings, wistfully romantic melodies and percolating synthesizers effectively walk the line between serious experimental art rock and flamboyantly emotional synth pop, resulting in some of his most accessible work yet. ****”NOW

“…on In Conflict the Canadian composer has managed to translate that energy into his recordings ,making his music as invigorating as it is soothing, as exciting as it is impressive and as complex as it is accessible. 8,5/10”The Line of Best Fit

“In Conflict is ominous, gloomy, and marked with some of the most playful arrangements Pallett’s laid to date. The depth of field in this album alone is a pleasure…”Consequence of sound

9,5/10Magnet Magazine