Klô Pelgag unveils Libre, the first single from her album Abracadabra

Today, Klô Pelgag unveils “Libre,” the first single from her album Abracadabra, out October 11. The official music video will be launched on YouTube at 12PM (ET), and the singer-songwriter will be live on the chat. Join us at the event. As good news never comes alone, she is also announcing the Abracadabra tour, which will criss-cross Quebec in the spring of 2025.

Klô Pelgag invites us to reflect on freedom, its meaning, and how to attain it. “What are we talking about when it comes to freedom? Even the noblest sentiments, even the seasons can lock us up. Living to the fullest might mean to constantly challenge yourself. It’s in this shared quest, this kindness between the protagonist and their friend that a cure can be found – the feeling of being understood,” she says. “The ever-ascending synths convey a desire to be free. Somewhere between dance and levitation, between a mantra and a statement,” concludes Pelgag. The video for the song was directed by her longtime collaborator Laurence BAZ Morais. It features a series of shots that illustrate these questions. He explains his creative process: “Through visual metaphors the video explores how we hide our raw emotions behind deceptive facades. The goal is to shine a light on the inner struggle, the tension between the carefully crafted appearance and the chaotic reality.

The artist from Bas-Saint-Laurent (QC) announces that she will soon be back on the road in Quebec, Paris and Brussels, with 15 dates on her schedule so far. With five musicians, Klô Pelgag invites us to join her on her eternal quest for fun. Eager to create music that is as urgent and powerful as our emotions, she figures that the answer might lie in every concert, a rare opportunity to share a moment that leads us to acknowledge the natural beauty of things, Abracadabra. Tickets go on sale this Thursday, June 6, at 10AM EST. Other dates will be announced soon.