Patrick Watson unveils a new video for “Can’t Stop Staring at the Sun”

Patrick Watson unveils a new video for the song “Can’t Stop Staring at the Sun,” from his three-part single “A Mermaid in Lisbon.” Directed and choreographed by Jacob Jonas, the video stars dancers Anthony BryantGianinni Semedo Moreira, and Nicolas Walton.

“During the lockdown I was really inspired and watching a lot of modern dance videos. ‘Can’t Stop Staring at the Sun’ felt like it was a dance piece from the beginning. I was already collaborating with Jacob Jonas on another project, so I asked him if he could make me a dance video. I gave him the song and he came back with this beautiful piece,” explains Watson.

Listen to the three-part single “A Mermaid in Lisbon” by clicking here.