Wooden Arms is out today in Canada!

Wooden Arms is out today in Canada! Our new web store is just about ready, but in the meantime, there’s a bonus version available on Patrick Watson - Wooden Arms (Bonus Track Version) right now.

The band played their first show of the release tour last night in Quebec City. Reviews are starting to pour in about the album and consensus seems to be pretty fantatsic. NPR and KCRW are already singing it’s praises, La Presse called the album ‘Magnifique’ and gave it an unheard of 4.5 stars … and Eye Weekly came in with a 4 star review. We suspect that’s just the beginning.

We’re really pleased that people seem to be responding to a record that’s maybe more difficult, but also more rewarding … especially because it does such a good job of representing what Patrick Watson & the Wooden Arms (yes, you can call them that) are all about.