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High Twilight

High Twilight est une oeuvre ambitieuse qui plonge sans réserve dans des thèmes aussi vastes que classiques comme l'amour, la mort, la sexualité et la mythologie. Musicalement, chaque thème est abordé de façon unique sur cet album où les sonorités vont de l'Americana à la chanson française en passant par le Dixieland. Toutefois, c'est la voix unique de Dan qui confère à cet album son atmosphère à la fois contemporaine et indémodable.

On retrouve plusieurs invités distingués sur cet album enregistré au studio montréalais The Treatment Room. En plus des membres de son groupe, on y retrouve également Warren Spicer (Plants and Animals), Joe Grass, Mike O'Brien (Katie Moore), le violoncelliste maintes fois primé Claude Lamothe ainsi que la chanteuse de la Saskatchewan, Charlotte Loseth (aka Sea Oleena).

19 janvier 2012

Daniel Isaiah

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23 novembre 2011

Consequence of Sound - Daniel Isaiah sur "Top Ten Sets of M for Montreal"

A local troubadour, Daniel Isaiah and his band coaxed festival goers into an easy state of mind with his Mark Knopfler-style of soaring and soulful guitar riffs and his Chris Isaak-like voice (complete with pompadour). The female drummer for the band had an amazingly dedicated light touch that helped propel this live show above many of the other folk-oriented acts.

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18 novembre 2011

Alan Cross critique Daniel Isaiah

But within 30 seconds of his band coming onstage, I was transfixed. Three people with Daniel and his guitar partner providing a twin reverb-drenched twin hollowbody guitar twang attack. Think Dire Straits meets Chris Isaak with a slight David Lynch twist. Extremely evocative, atmospheric and even slightly ominous. The songs were great.

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15 novembre 2011

Meet You at the Show critique de Daniel Isaiah à Montréal

a beautiful set of heart-plucking songs that would build up into intense, moving climaxes. People underestimate how full a three-piece band can sound. The guitar, bass, and drum combination made for a rich, honey-sweet listening experience, and Daniel’s beautifully sad vocals left you mesmerized and floating into space. Come to think of it, it felt like his voice had a bit of a bluesy, Timber Timbre tinge to it in some parts.

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3 août 2011

Pop Matters critique de "High Twilight"

High Twilight is a record full of all sorts of twists and turns, keeping delighted listeners well on their toes.

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2 juillet 2011

High Twilight - La critique de Pieuvre.ca

Tantôt sérieux, tantôt tristes et parfois drôles,... ses textes sont solides et bien inspirés ... Ses collaborations sur l’album sont bien choisies et paraissent bien naturelles. Omniprésentes, les guitares sont pures, nettes et riches. On écoute Isaiah pour la première fois et on a l’impression de déjà le connaître un peu. Alors, on s’empresse de l’écouter encore… et encore.

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28 juin 2011

High Twilight - La critique de Wicked Local (Boston)

At what point does an artist have so many influences on display that he rises above them to become something completely unique and interesting in his own right? I’m not sure, but I think Montreal’s Daniel Isaiah has passed it ... Familiar but never derivative, 'High Twilight' is a low-key coup.

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26 juin 2011

Daniel Isaiah - Entrevue dans American Songwriter

Make room in your iPods for High Twilight, the stunning debut from Canadian singer-songwriter Daniel Isaiah. The Montreal native with the warm, lived-in voice and ability to hop styles like trains has earned comparisons to Bob Dylan, Will Oldham, Bright Eyes, Leonard Cohen and Calexico. We asked the artist and occasional filmmaker about the nuts and bolts of songwriting, and the one song he wishes he’d written....

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15 juin 2011

High Twilight - La critique de Herohill

"Hints of Canadiana, spacey pop, warm organ notes and even Dixieland are introduced with a deft touch, but Isaiah works best when he’s delivering Gold-era Ryan Adams nuggets like “High Twilight” and “Anita, On the Banks” ... without question High Twilight is a record with many rewards."

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10 juin 2011

High Twilight - La critique du Aspen Times

There's a little bit of Leonard Cohen when he sings in French on “J'habite un pays” ... a little latter-day Bob Dylan on “The Hours”; and a whole lot of artists like Calexico, Fleet Foxes and Josh Ritter, who are rooted in folk but adamant about using the full range of instruments and production techniques available.

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