La Force unveils a music video for the song “outrun the sun”

La Force, the fascinating solo project of Ariel Engle, released a critically acclaimed second album, XO SKELETON, on September 29th and today she unveils a music video for “outrun the sun.” The singer-songwriter will perform in Montreal, Toronto, and Ottawa next week, allowing us to discover the live version of her latest opus. 

The video for outrun the sun” was directed by two faithful collaborators of Engle – Sara Melvin and Ali Vanderkruyck – in scorching hot locations in the Californian Anthropocene.  

The video for ‘outrun the sun’ explores the pride and arrogance of humanity, which thinks it can fool Mother Nature. Instead of a vital force, the sun is turning into something that makes us fear for our lives,” say the directors.  

Thanks to animation and an infrared drone, the perspective shifts between the runner (La Force) and the stalker (the sun). We shot in arid places like the Sepulveda Dam, an abandoned open-air location. Among the hot concrete and dried weeds, Ariel and our small crew were overheating, sweating, covered in dust. In the Californian Anthropocene, we experienced the issues addressed in the song in real time.” 

Engle will perform in Los Angeles at the Moroccan Lounge on November 16, before returning to Montreal at the PHI Centre on November 21 and 22 (Sold Out), where she will kick off the XO SKELETON Performance Series. She will then visit Toronto’s TD Music Hall on November 24, as well as Ottawa’s Fourth Stage on November 25. Buy your tickets HERE. 

The XO SKELETON Performance Series is meant to be a full 360 experience, combining live music with performance art, sensory installation, immersive sound design, and video projection. The performance series will center experiences and topics often relegated to the background—of music, of popular culture, and of our own psychic landscape—whilst pushing the boundaries of traditional musical performance and creating an augmented, embodied experience for its audiences.