Antoine Corriveau announces “PISSENLIT”, new album available October 9

Antoine Corriveau announces the upcoming release of PISSENLIT, on October 9. Three new things in Antoine’s life led to the creation of this album: a car, a studio, and a label. In this order of importance. Since the release of his previous album, “I bought a car,” says Antoine Corriveau. “I drove a lot these last few years.” Escaping far from home, but still somewhat at home — PISSENLIT is a “road album,” like you would refer to a “road movie.”

He also shares the second single and music video off the album, “Albany,” one of the heaviest rock songs he ever recorded, with the state of New York and an abandoned house as a backdrop. The music video, which was directed by Akim Gagnon, pays tribute to the Toyota Corolla that inspired the album. “The video is a tribute to the people who have unconditional love for their old car,” says Akim Gagnon.

Preorder the vinyl or cassette of PISSENLIT by clicking here.

Watch the music video for the song “Albany” below.