Songbook Volume 1

To be released on December 5, 2022
1.Mr.Tom (Rework)
2.Ode to Vivian (Rework)
3.Sky Dancing
5.Lost With You
6.The Great Escape
7.Je te laisserai des mots

Arranged for piano and voice, this songbook of sheet music offers a collection of seven songs written and composed by Patrick Watson.

” A lot of people have asked me to make sheet music for some of the songs that people like so we put this little book together for people who wanted to be able to play the songs. They’re not very hard to play and meant for people who are beginning piano. Listening to music is great but I can tell you playing it is better so I encourage everybody to enjoy themselves and play the songs they love for themselves. I threw a couple songs that are less known but are fun to play on the piano at the end of the book for you and I made a recording of them so you know how to play them. I hope you guys have a great day and don’t forget to practice.”

-Patrick Watson

* All customers pre-ordering the Songbook will receive MP3 files of each song featured in the Songbook on November 11 2022.