Owen Pallett

Owen Pallett

While Pallett has served as a versatile collaborator to many projects in both pop and art establishments— the list is far too long to recite here, but you know where to look— he is equally beloved for his accessibility; for the way his art reflects & resonates with Mainstream Pop Culture; for the emotionally cathartic outlet his music provides. Pallett was recently nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Score, alongside Arcade Fire, for their work on Spike Jonze’s Her.

1 février 2015

Excellente critique de spectacle dans le NOW Magazine!

String master reminds us that music is magic"

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4 décembre 2014

Owen Pallett - ***** pour son spectacle dans le Guardian

Owen Pallett’s performance tonight is many things: it’s dizzying, it’s dazzling (thanks to a jazzy, Crystal Maze-style stage prop) and, when his newer kraut-prog material kicks in, it can be surprisingly forceful.

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1 décembre 2014

Le nouveau vidéoclip d'Owen Pallett pour la pièce "Infernal Fantasy"

4 novembre 2014

Le nouveau vidéoclip pour "In Conflict" d'Owen Pallett

In Conflict. Il dévoile également un nouveau vidéoclip pour la pièce titre du disque, réalisé par Jason Last. Time Out London a affirmé qu’In Conflict est un album enivrant, beau et captivant, exigeant et méritant toute notre attention et qu’il sera difficile de le surpasser cette année.

23 juin 2014

Owen Pallett dévoile des chansons remixées

27 mai 2014

Bel article dans le National Post

When I get to sleep at night I’m not thinking ‘Yay, I made money today.’ I’m thinking about larger things: Did I do a good job? Did we entertain these people?

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27 mai 2014

Le VOIR donne 4 étoiles à In Conflict

Bien que le disque ne se veut pas aussi fantaisiste ou conceptuel que les précédents, cette affirmation tient presque du leitmotiv tant elle soutient l’approche du prodigue sur cet opus.

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27 mai 2014

Critique de SPIN: 8 / 10

« The album's success is based on a confluence of factors: Pallet's thoughtful-Muppet of a voice, Christopher Cross with a hint of dolor; a mix that foregrounds percussive intensity as much as violins and violas; lyrics comprised of narrative, observation, and bon mots. To say that Brian Eno's contributions on guitar and synth add little to what Pallett creates himself speaks to the achievement. »

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27 mai 2014

3.5 / 5 dans le Rolling Stone Magazine

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27 mai 2014

« In Conflict » d'Owen Pallett est disponible partout!

Le nouvel album d'Owen Pallett, In Conflict, est enfin disponible partout dès aujourd'hui en CD, vinyle, vinyle deluxe et en version digitale.

Les critiques sont élogieuses, lisez par vous-même:

“In Conflict is a fantastic argument for Pallett's virtues as a pure pop singer. 8/10” - Pitchfork

“’In Conflict’ is a beautiful and powerful album” ***** - Time Out London

“The swooping strings, wistfully romantic melodies and percolating synthesizers effectively walk the line between serious experimental art rock and flamboyantly emotional synth pop, resulting in some of his most accessible work yet. ****” - NOW

“…on In Conflict the Canadian composer has managed to translate that energy into his recordings ,making his music as invigorating as it is soothing, as exciting as it is impressive and as complex as it is accessible. 8,5/10” - The Line of Best Fit

“In Conflict is ominous, gloomy, and marked with some of the most playful arrangements Pallett’s laid to date. The depth of field in this album alone is a pleasure…” - Consequence of sound

9,5/10 - Magnet Magazine

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